De Dietrich
De Dietrich

Protecting Environment

As a market leader in Europe, De Dietrich is fully committed to the protection of the environment, particularly in the conservation of raw materials, water and electricity.

Besides being ISO9001 and ISO14001 certified, our factories in France have alsoachieved RoHS compliance. The restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive(RoHS) 2002/95/EC was adopted in February 2003 by the European Union; and the directive restricts the use of six hazardous materials in the various type of electronic and electrical equipment.

RoHS compliant means that De Dietrich appliances reduce the environmental burden of recycling; as most of our appliances' components surpass the European standards of recycability set by Directive WEEE.

De Dietrich appliances are manufactured in advanced manufacturing facilitiesin France, which generates the lowest carbon dioxide emissions in the world;creating the minimal level of carbon footprint; as part of the overall efforts to the elimination of the factors contributing to global warming.

Besides giving the world appliances with the best performances in energy ratings; De Dietrich is also fully committed to the wise use of the world's resources.