De Dietrich
De Dietrich



  • 1684 Jean De Dietrich acquires a forge in a small village to make iron and steel for tools and weapons

  • 1761 Jean De Dietrich III is ennobled by Louis XV as Baron De Dietrich, he becomes a great industrialist, nicknamed the “Iron Master”

  • 1778 King Louis XVI launches the first De Dietrich logo. He moulds all the iron produced by the forges with a hunting horn

  • 1792 To Rouget de l'Isle, Philippe-Frédéric De Dietrich, Jean’s youngest son, commissions a patriotic hymn to unite the French people: the famous La Marseillaise, later the French National Anthem

  • 1806 Amélie Louise De Dietrich extends the business to include mechanical construction and railways

  • 1850 The Mertzwiller Cooker is launched – the first wood and coal oven

  • 1902 The first Bugatti were designed with the De Dietrich name

  • 1950 Invented the first rotating coffee grill for General Charles De Gaulle

  • 2008 First overseas meseum exclusively showcased in Hong Kong
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