De Dietrich
De Dietrich

History of Excellence

While one or the other has evolved over the years, De Dietrich has always been one step ahead, constantly occupying an avant garde position in creativity and innovations. In line with its innovative vocation, De Dietrich is the inventor of the pyrolysis ovens; induction hobs and many other firsts...

A unique design for today's lifestyle:

Ever since De Dietrich launched the first range of vitroceramic hobs with integrated knobs in 1985, De Dietrich has stayed at the forefront of domestic appliance design.

  • 1993 Obsidiane Line
  • 1995 Lotus hobs
  • 2000 Ovens with touch controls
  • 2003 "Pedestal" frame for glass surface hobs - UNIQUE ON THE MARKET
  • 2004 The innovative & industrial design Janus prize for MATRICS, INFINITY Induction and ICS hood

  • Masters of innovation: De Dietrich, a brand that is always ahead of its time:

    Since the initial experimental launch of electronic ovens in 1977, various innovations have come to life, to reward investment made in research and development. Constant developments have been launched throughout the range in washing, cooking and cooling.

  • 1997 Steam ovens - FIRST ON THE MARKET
  • 1999 28cm Induction zone - LARGEST ON THE MARKET
  • 2001 HCH System and Collection 38 - UNIQUE CONCEPTS
  • 2003 Development of ICS technology in cooking and dishwashing; Gas hob with touch controls - FIRST ON THE MARKET
  • 2005 Low Temperature Professional cooking programme
  • 2007-2008 The Colour matrics oven - FIRST ON THE MARKET
  • 2007-2008 BREAD oven programme - FIRST ON THE MARKET
  • 2007-2008 38cm Domino hobs & the Zoneless Continuum Induction hobs - UNIQUE CONCEPTS
  • 2007-2008 QUATTRO dishwashers - Winner of "Prize of Innovations 2007

  • Technological know-how: the ability of a brand to always offer the best:

    Over 20 years ago, De Dietrich invented Multifunction Plus, offering better cooking performance combined with new features and increased safety. Since then, De Dietrich has consistently been at the forefront of technological developments, which has translated into regular groundbreaking product launches.

  • 1982 Pyroclean oven range - FIRST ON THE MARKET
  • 1997 Cool door ovens
  • 2000 Eolyse® and Pyroclean® on ovens - EXCLUSIVE FEATURES
  • 2001 Induction Boost zones (3600W) - MOST POWERFUL ON THE MARKET
  • 2003 ICS oven with menu control - UNIQUE ON THE MARKET; Induction hobs with start control programmer - FIRST ON THE MARKET
  • 2007-2008 Full Colour Matrics Oven - FIRST ON THE MARKET
  • 2007-2008 Zoneless Continuum Induction hobs - UNIQUE CONCEPTS

  • The 2008 new collection is borne on the same tradition of technological mastery, innovations and passion, intrinsic values the brand has been building on for more than 300 years.