De Dietrich
De Dietrich

Beauty & Innovations Since1684

From ironworking, cars and steel origins, it now paves the way in kitchen appliances. Among its first innovations were France's first brand logo and French National Anthem, the French Kings recognized as a hallmark to this day. The Mertzwiller Oven, the first wood and coal oven in the world, the classical Dietrich-Bugatti cars, General Charles de Gaulle's first coffee grill are all founding products and historically renowned. An innovative heritage, a legacy of prestige, rich with events momentous and adventurous history.

For three centuries, beauty and innovations have been the prestigous and timeless signature of De Dietrich. As a continuation of its rich and distinctive French heritage, De Dietrich has been setting new values on the forefront of technology that is both exquisite and innovative. A convergence of the distinctive French design, innovations and functionality, De Dietrich Kitchen Appliances are built to accentuate only the most refined, contemporary and beautiful kitchen, exceptional for the discerning, yet inventive in its vision.

De Dietrich Kitchen Appliances have been uniquely associated with status, placing them close to the heart of connoisseurs. Till today, De Dietrich dedicates to adhere to Baron Jean de Dietrich's motto: "not for oneself, but for others" by giving the world class appliances crafted with the finest materials, technical craftsmanship with utmost aesthetic quality.