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Color Matrics!
Permanent information displayed in a big color display on what is going on in your oven. Thanks to the touch control, you can easily converse with your oven and run all its potential!
Low Temperature Cooking. 10 pre-set recipes!
You can cook any of the 10 pre-programmed dishes (i.e.: roast lamb, roast beef; select rare or well done) at a very low temperature, allowing the food to cook over a long period of time whilst maintaining all its flavor, juices and tenderness!
Pyroclean – when dirt turns to dust!
De Dietrich ovens are self-cleaning! By heating the oven’s cavity to a temperature of around 500ºC, the dirt inside the oven is carbonized to a fine ash. As a safety measure, the oven door locks automatically after a few minutes of pyrocleaning!

Type of oven : 1 cavity
Construction type : Built in
Energy input : Electric
Cooking mode : Multi-functions with circulating heat
Type of cleaning : Pyrolytic
Colour : Stainless steel
Energy efficiency class (1st cavity) : A


Control panel

Material of the control panel : Stainless steel + glass


Door Material : Stainless steel + glass
Type of door : Cool door

Cavity 1

Dimensions of the cavity HxWxD (mm) : 320X435X380
Cavity capacity (L) : 53
Temperature control : Electronic


Number of bulb : 1
Type of bulb : Halogen
Door opening light : Yes

Pan area

Number of grids : 3
Type of grid : 2 Safety shelves with handle;1 Grid with handles for 45mm tr
Type of dishes and trays : Low temperature set;1 plat 45 « grande taille »;1 Lissium ba
Turnspit : Yes


Energy consumption for pre-heating (kWh) : 0.345

Safety devices


Electrical connection rating (KW) : 3.595
Voltage (V) : 220-240
Frequency (Hz) : 50
Current (Amp) : 16


Dimensions of the product HxWxD (mm) : 592X592X609
Dimensions of the packed product HxWxD (mm) : 670X640X660
Built in dimensions HxWxD(mm) : 585X560X550
Net weight (kg) : 36
Gross weight (kg) : 39

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