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De Dietrich

Hong Kong - Apartment in the City

Who says that a family home should look bland? With attention to details such as the right finishing, a simple space can turn into a masterpiece.

The stress of being new parents can certainly take a toll on creative ideas for a new home but one couple from Hong Kong proved that with the right design and furnishing, a baby doesn't have to cramp their visionary ideas for a home.

Their brief to the architect was to create a soigné space that leans towards a Western style, which also highlights the sensuality of minimalism and linear designs. The couple also requested for natural materials such as natural wood flooring, iron worktop, marble walls and even brick walls in another part of the home. Most importantly, they wanted plenty of storage.

Like the renovation of any home, the clients trust the creative direction and ingenuity of the designers to add an element of aestheticism into these spaces to make them look stylish and sophisticated.

The execution took five months - a punishing wait, considering that the couple's previous home proved too small for two maids and their newborn. The real challenge was to have the home ready to welcome the baby. Another requirement was to create a kitchen that's twice the size of the original layout as the owners love to cook and entertain. While these were challenges, it did not prove impossible for the designers.

After five months of tedious construction, scrutinising details and managing the clients' expectations, the fruit of the designers' labour was unveiled. Step into this stylish two-bedroom apartment and be treated to spectacular hilly views and a vast space that is pure luxury in Hong Kong. The living room affords a large floor-to-ceiling bookshelf paired with leather armchair, a large grey fabric sofa and a coffee table made from a tree trunk with its centre carved out. The dining room has an eight-seater dining table, and a long bench provide communal meals. Guests can eat and look straight into the living room, where a large window presents views of hilly, green slopes.

The master bedroom's sublime cream palette highlights the room's spaciousness. The sexy ensuite bathroom accommodates a bathtub and two rain showers, perfect for the couple to indulge in their daily rituals.

But the true masterpiece lies in the expansive kitchen where a masculine vibe emanates. The kitchen appears sleek and simple, but a close look reveals subtle textures and earthy materials thanks to usage of corian, stainless steel, aluminium and marble - such attention to details inspires the owner to cook frequently for his loved ones. The kitchen's sleek, minimalist design also makes it a cinch to clean up. Generous storage keeps condiments and utensils out of sight. There's also complementing cabinets that house De Dietrich kitchen appliances that deliver performance and efficiency during the owner's culinary adventures. This marvellous, well-planned kitchen can accommodate a wide 90cm oven, hood, steam oven and a combination of domino gas and induction hobs. The owner's choice of De Dietrich appliances only underpins his good taste for aesthetically pleasing products that match perfectly with the kitchen's interior. Of course, the appliances' feature-rich possibilities such as the steam oven, allow him to prepare healthy dishes for his family.

The success of this home is testament that with vision, creating a space that's stylish and sophisticated is not impossible.