De Dietrich
De Dietrich

Estonia - Home on the Coast

More than just a functional home, this fabulously chic abode also offers plenty of privacy for the family.

Situated just 500 metres away from the coast, this beautiful home belongs to a family of four and took one-and-a-half-years to complete. One unique feature of this striking house is that it blends in nicely with the natural surroundings. Another critical design element was to build the home at an obtuse angle so that it affords privacy for the courtyard. It also needs to provide private zones for each family member. At 3,080 sq ft, the home has plenty of space: Part of the ground floor has glass surfaces that look out to the courtyard - a clever way of creating invisible zones that allow family members to enjoy the view. Another important brief to the architect and interior decorators was the implementation of minimalist details. The spacious living room is connected to the openplan kitchen, and there's a hallway and garage on the ground floor. The guestroom, washing rooms and sauna are located at another wing of the home. There are altogether three bedrooms and two bathrooms on the first floor. The owners also wanted to use as much natural materials as possible, which is why stone, marble, granite and sandstone can be seen throughout the entire house. In fact, the architects managed to blend the interior and exterior as one continuous space with the natural materials.

Another key requirement from the homeowners was to have a proper and wellequipped open-plan kitchen as the family cooks and entertains a lot. They take great pride and joy in preparing meals, which also serves as bonding time for the family. Even their nine-year-old daughter has become fond of trying out new recipes.

Fitted into the kitchen cabinetry are De Dietrich appliances: a refrigerator, winefridge, induction hob, gas hob, dishwasher and oven. The cooking devices are really the workhorses of the family, allowing them to dish out meals quickly and efficiently.

"We have used De Dietrich appliances in our earlier projects," architect Kaido Kivi shares. "And we find the range of appliances very appealing to our design ethos - they're not only great to look at, they're also stylish for a modern kitchen and with a high-quality build." The De Dietrich's black line collection also matched the dark-coloured kitchen cabinetry, lending a sophisticated and elegant look.

Today, the completed project oozes minimalist chic: Dark-coloured furniture and kitchen cabinetry become a strong contrast for the cool, natural stone floors. Clutter is also reduced thanks to clever storage, and tidying up is a breeze for both parents and children.