De Dietrich
De Dietrich

Special Leather Collection

De Dietrich has launched a series of oven, dishwasher, refrigerator and washer dressed in leather. The superb hand-stitching makes the Special Leather Collection an aesthetic choice, but leather is chosen not only for the sensual touch, luxury and modernity that it adds to the appliances.

Under the protection and decoration of this sturdy, water resistant and easy care material, the appliances are well equipped to perform their daily chores. With all the latest technological innovations incorporated in the oven, you can bake the most mouthwatering dishes in a contemporary appliance.


The Quattro dishwasher offers four tailor-made washing possibilities in two completely independent washing zones. A watertight separation between the upper and lower baskets allows you to use them simultaneously or separately. Optimal washing and drying are achieved with the double sensors in the dishwasher detecting the load level and degree of dirtiness and adjusting the water cycle automatically.


In order to help preserve produce under optimal conditions, the ICS Combi Fridge Freezer offers a stable and homogenous temperature. It also captures ethylene, the natural gas emitted by some fruits and vegetables when they mature, thus multiplying shelf life while maintaining their nutritional values. Other delicate food items can be preserved in the six-liter vacuum box which creates a vacuum for optimal food storage with an integrated pump.


The washing machine can automatically detect the type of fabric, level of soiling, and wash loads of laundry with its intelligent control system, adjusting the water consumption, temperature, washing cycle, intensity of the wash and the spinning speed. Still you can switch to manual mode. With an interactive wide LCD screen, full information about the washing is displayed and keep you informed with the washing progress and remaining washing time.